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Musical theater performed exclusively by women and for women in Los Angeles

AUDITIONS are this week (Your Story).png


Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi – Neely Irwin

Horace Vandergelder – Mitzi Schwartz

Cornelius Hackl – Erin Krinsky

Barnaby Tucker – Rochel Bar-On

Irene Molloy – Miriam Pesso

Minnie Fay – Goldie Geisinsky

Ambrose Kemper – Lisa Gruenbaum

Ermengarde – Tehilla Broome

Ernestina Money – Amy Ritz

Rudolph Reisenweber – Mariela Broome

Mrs. Rose – Jessica Kligman

Stanley the Waiter – Sivan Broome

Judge – Dani Colman

First Cook – Hana Davisson

Second Cook – Nikki Bascon

Third Cook – Michaly Lahat

Court Clerk-Recorder – Dena Schechter

Paper Hanger – Leora Tofler

Yonkers Band/Lodge Members – Estie Hess, Juli Shanblatt, Stefanie Etshalom

Fritz the Waiter – Rona Karp

Harry the Waiter – Nili Isenberg

Louie the Waiter – Miriam Bernstein

Danny the Waiter – Shirley Basch

Manny the Waiter – Lauren Ashkenazi

Hank the Waiter – Nili Zack

Policeman - Bonnie Samotin

Dance Captain - Jenessa Irvine

Choral Section Leaders - Dani Colman, Nili Isenberg, Rona Karp, Michaly Lahat,  Amy Ritz & Juli Shanblatt

Anna Golombek

Lisa Gruenbaum

Janel Hastings

Estie Hess

Karen Holender

Jenessa Irvine

Nili Isenberg

Rona Karp

Jessica Kligman

Ellen Kwon

Michaly Lahat

Clarissa Neydavoud

Lauren Ashkenazi

Shirley Basch

Nikki Bascon-Zeitune

Miriam Bernstein

Mariela Broome

Sivan Broome

Tehilla Broome

Vivian Cole

Dani Colman

Hana Davisson

Stefanie Etshalom

Shoshana Farberov

Amy Ritz

Elana Rosenberg

Bonnie Samotin

Dena Schechter

Juli Shanblatt

Deborah Shapiro

Aliyah Shemen

Lila Shimansky

Leora Tofler

Nili Zack

Reyna Zack

Please read the cast list carefully, as your name may appear more than once!

Email us at to confirm you will be at
THE MANDATORY CAST MEETING on Monday, June 10 at 8:00 PM

We will reply with the address. 

Casting was very difficult this year; we saw a lot of talent and the competition was fierce.
We appreciate all of the effort from our auditioners. CASTING DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
Every JWRC production is a collaboration - there are NO SMALL ROLES.
Margy Horowitz, Executive Director/Producer
Reyna Zack, Music Director/Producer
Debra Maslansky, Production Manager
Liora Rothchild, Stage Manager
Adena Krich, Stage Manager
Michelle Stone, Producer

Nikki Bascon-Zeitune
Caren Heller

Miriam Pesso

*New this Year!*

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While our hearts are with our brothers and sisters in Israel,

we take solace in community and opportunities to be together.

Songs from Home

The Sound of Music Medley

The Sound of Music Medley
The Sound of Music Medley
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The Sound of Music Medley

Wheels of a Dream
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Wheels of a Dream

Magic To Do
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Magic To Do

Welcome to the Renaissance
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Welcome to the Renaissance

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