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Playbill Ads

Advertise your business for over 1,000 women! 

At our performances, every audience member receives a playbill which features a number of advertising opportunities. Feature your business/organization, or congratulate a cast member on their performance. CLICK HERE to download an example playbill.

The Playbill Ad deadline was NOVEMBER 8, 2019

At this time, we can no longer accept ads.
Donations are always appreciated!! Thank you for your support! 


Inside Cover (5"x8") - $750

Back Cover (5"x8") - $500

Full Page (5"x8") - $300 
3/4 Page (5"x6") - $225 
1/2 Page (5"x4") - $150 
1/3 Page (5"x2.75") - $110 
1/4 Page (5"x2") - $75 
1/8 Page (2.5"x2") - $40 
Greeting (1-2 lines) - $18 


How can you Help?

It costs a lot of money to put on a show every year that looks and sounds good. The tickets that you buy cover some of that cost, but we can use all the help we can get.
Any amount of money you decide to donate will be put to good use to make the BEST show possible.


Props $1000

Sets $1200

Costumes $1500

DVD Recording $1800

Licensing Rights $2000

Playbill $2200

Sound $2500

Publicity $4000

Theater Rental $5000

A portion of the proceeds from each year's show is donated to a charitable organization in the Jewish Community.
JFS HOPE provides education, prevention and intervention services for families in crisis.
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