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Audition Tips

We, the JWRC audition panel, have seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of auditions over the course of our company's history. We know that it is hard to summon up enough courage to audition, and it can be very nerve-wracking! Just know that WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU; we ultimately want you to do the best you can. Here are some tips to help have a successful audition experience.

9 Tips for a GREAT Audition

1. God I Hope I Get it. I Hope I Get It. How Many People Does She need?

Read the audition notice carefully. What do you need to prepare? What do you need to bring? Know the show. Read the Wikipedia article. Listen to the Broadway album. Watch YouTube videos. Check out the script from the library. Decide which role(s) you think you would be right for. Be realistic.



2. You Decide What's Right - You Decide What's Good

Choose your song wisely. Choose a song that you know and are comfortable with, but NOT one from the show that you are auditioning for. Pick a song that showcases your voice, and gives us an idea of what you can do in this particular show. (ie don't sing a song from a pop musical if we are doing a classical musical, choose a song in a key that is appropriate for the role you want, choose a character that is kind of similar to the character you are hoping to get.) 


3. You Gotta Get a Gimmick

In order to stand out from the rest, try NOT to choose an overly popular song that you think many other auditioners will sing.  Don't choose a song from an obscure musical that the panel won't be familiar with, but don't choose "Defying Gravity," either.  We recommend skipping anything from My Fair LadyThe Sound of Music, and other extremely popular musicals (as much as we do enjoy popular musicals). 


4. Hey Hobo Man, Hey Dapper Dan

Research each word and sentence of your song. Know who your character is, what they are conveying, and why. It will make a difference with your acting. We can tell when you do this and it pays off.
By the way, does anyone know who "Dapper Dan" is anyway? Google can be your friend!



5. Prepare Ye the way of the Lord

Practice your song before your audition. The more you practice at home, the more comfortable you will be when you sing it for us. We can tell who practiced. It also shows us your dedication. We like that.



6. You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Just breathe. Before you enter the room, close your eyes and take three long breaths. Don't forget to breathe when you sing! Smile - this is fun!



7. A Lady Wouldn't Wander all over the Room and Blow on Some Other Guy's Dice

Sing to a spot just above and beyond our heads.  Interact with that spot as if it is your scene partner or the audience you are conveying your message to. Feel free to use your hands and arms when you feel that it is appropriate for the character and the song. You don't need to make eye contact with us while you are singing. When you are not in character, be yourself.


8. I Smile, I Grin when the Gal with a Touch of Sin Walks in

Acting is key, but that doesn't mean you have to travel all around the room. Stay in one spot, but don't forget to show us your acting chops! Be creative and TAKE RISKS!



9. I have Confidence in Confidence Alone

Don't worry if you make a mistake. We know that no one is perfect. We don't mind. And we know how stressful auditions can be. Don't bring attention to any mistake you make, and don't apologize. We just might not notice your mistake! (And again, even if we do notice it... it is ok - just keep going!)
Know that we are ultimately rooting for you - SMILE!

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