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Ever wonder HOW we make casting decisions?

Casting is based on many pieces of a large puzzle:

  • Vocal tone quality, range, timbre, pitch accuracy, ability to sing and hold harmonies

  • Acting abilities – Are you able to show us that you can take risks with your acting? Can you disappear into a role and fully inhabit the character?

  • Dance abilities – Can you follow the directions on the audition dance video and dance it to the best of your ability? How much dance experience does the character that you’re auditioning for require?

  • Ability to take direction – Can you take a director’s suggestions and change what you’re doing to fit her vision, even if you disagree with it? Can you listen and remember the directions well?

  • How much did you prepare for your audition? We appreciate and can tell who has spent time preparing.

  • If you are a JWRC veteran, we do consider your conduct from past shows. Are you a team player? Are you fun and easy to work with? Are you reliable in learning your music, lines, blocking, etc.?

  • Ultimately, we cast who we think is the BEST actress for each role.

  • We try to challenge every actress so everyone has potential to grow and learn.

  • We take into consideration our artistic vision of each show.

  • We believe that every role in every show is IMPORTANT and we take casting very seriously.

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