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The Sound of Music
Audition Information for Children (age 8-15)
***Please Note: Auditions for girls ages 8-15 will be by VIDEO SUBMISSION.
No one under age 16 will be seen at the June 5th-6th in-person auditions.***

For your audition, please create THREE separate videos and
Late submissions will not be accommodated.
If you/your child receives a Call-Back,
it will be IN-PERSON on Monday, June 12th.


Video Instructions:

  • Please say your name loud and clear at the beginning of each video.

  • Be sure your phone or camera is positioned HORIZONTALLY.

  • Make eye contact with the camera as much as possible.

  • For your scene, make sure the person reading with you is NOT on camera.

  • For your dance, make sure to shoot your full body, head to toe.

  • Please make sure the camera is steady! Use a tripod if possible.

  • Be sure your face is well lit. We need to be able to see you!

  • Keep the background simple (nothing distracting.)

  • Please review your videos before submitting them to make sure that you’ve followed all of our directions.


  • Submit a video singing any song from the world of musical theater (NOT from The Sound of Music ) for 60 seconds.

  • Please sing a cappella (without accompaniment on piano or track). We highly recommend choosing a song from a Rodgers & Hammerstein show, but it is not required.

  • Please look/interact directly into/with the camera when you sing!


Please choose the “Von Trapp Child” scene and read it on camera, with someone else reading Maria’s lines off-camera.

Note: Anyone auditioning for Liesl should read the "Liesl & Rolf" scene instead of the "Von Trapp Child" scene


Please dance the full audition dance with the music playing in the background. For this video, please make sure you show your entire body on camera so we can see your feet.
Here is an instructional video breaking down the choreography:

Practice/film your dance with this track:

Children's Audition Dance MusicThe Sound of Music
00:00 / 00:36


(for adults AND children):

If we would like to see you do more, you will receive an e-mail by the end of the week of auditions inviting you to participate in a Call-Back.

  • You will receive a specific appointment time

  • We will ask you to prepare a new scene.

  • We will also ask you to learn part of a song from The Sound of Music. The song will include harmony, which you will sing opposite other auditioners. This is so the casting directors can see how well you can hold harmony.

  • Call-back materials do NOT need to be memorized.

  • Make sure to arrive at your callback prepared.

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